Astan-e Asemane Koh-i-Noor Company aims to become the largest producer of marble stone in the upcoming 10 years, as well as the strongest mining companies in the field of production, processing and consumption of building stones in the country up to 25 years.  According to this mission, the company formed a technology development line to provide long-term, medium-term and short-term plans and prepared its missions and goals.

Company R & D team, to achieve the goals listed, has defined the projects with the following main categories that whoever interested may contact R & D  team to gain experience and exchange idea to be shared in order to exploit mines in the country:

  • Investigate any discontinuity in the mine and its effect on the extraction method

  • Evaluate influencing factors to increase production rate of stone in scientific approach

  • Evaluate stone modification methods in each stage of production and extraction

  • Investigate and select the production automation solutions using - PLC and PMIC

  • Evaluate the correct method for using production machines

  • Evaluate the production increasement with the effect of changing the angle of cutting wire to stone blocks

  • Choosing the right type of wires with respect to a variety of production methods

  • Compare many types of wires and choose the appropriate wire for Pirkandi mine

  • Optimizing the size and number of components in wire cutters

  • Types of invertors are required for wire cutters and determine their role to reduce preparation time of blocks

  • Feasibility study for using drilling devices as coring devices

  • Investigating and evaluating new methods in stone modification for mines and stone cutting factories

  • A maximum tools out of the mine

  • Investigate and evaluate new methods and technologies for sustainable (or green) mining