Kooh-e-Noor mine, the library referred to as Pirkandi mine 3, is one of the great marble mines in the city of Khoy boundary located in 15 kilometers south of Qarahziyaeddin County. 

Kooh-e-Noor marble mine provides the users with an opportunity to use it in various setting due to its wide unique range of colors from light to dark cream, golden cream and various fossils in the rocks. Such a variety eliminates the consumer concerns about the quality of rock, as this stone has its own special characteristics such as high strength and low water absorption that in turn satisfies any designers and architects exotic taste so that this indescribable cover profile that is unique to Kooh-e-Noor mine leads to unearthed talents and innovation in the construction industry. The mine with the capacity to produce 60 thousand tons per year is ready to increase production to each of its customers demand. Currently, Kooh-e-Noor mine has identified various tasks and is ready to meet the tastes of customers and their needs as soon as possible.